Flirtations, the art of dating

Welcome to Flirtations - the art of dating where we hope to give you some useful advice on the on-line dating scene and places you can go.


Online Dating
Tips and ideas about how to make the most of the possibilities that the on-line dating scene gives you.
Patience Online
To succeed on-line you need patience. Much more patience than you need in a face-to-face meeting. We discuss the things you need to do to avoid pushing the other person too hard for their comfort.
NZ Dating
New Zealand's premier on-line dating site.
Married and Dating
May seem like a guy's ultimate fantasy, but we discuss the pros and cons of getting into this potentially dangerous situation.
Mistakes Men Make
Men are socialised to push the relationship forward, but be careful not to push it too fast or make common mistakes that can nip a promising romance in the bud.

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