Dating Married Women:- Some Consequences

Love is something that comes from the heart and no one knows when one will fall in love. Men and women of all ages fall in love. It is not just this. Even married men and women fall in love. Here let us discuss a few aspects of dating a woman who is already married.

Gone are the days when married woman used to just huddle in their homes. Now married women have all freedom to pursue a career and also to do want they feel to do. Nowadays, more and more married women are in search of some extra marital relations. They are into just into dating for fun and sex. Moreover, these married women have no feeling or any attachment to the person whom they date.

Be emotionally prepared when dating married women

The first thing about dating married woman is that it involves many risks. You should be aware that the married woman is cheating her husband when she is dating some other person. So this means that she is deceiving her husband and can such women be trusted? Well, dating a woman already married is really a hard situation and one should have to be mentally well prepared if the relation falls apart at some point of time.

Fun and excitement is what dating married woman want

When dating, most of the married women do not want to pursue a long relationship. They also do not want to have a divorce but only want whatever it is they aren't getting at home whever that is fun, sex, love or care that they feel they have been deprived of by their husbands.

It should have to be noted that married woman who date are usually not after love or romance. Their basic need is satisfaction of unmet needs; these married women may want only physical satisfaction and nothing else, or emotional satisfaction and nothing else. They are not looking for a complete relationship with the person that they date.

It is also the excitement of dating that makes married women go after men. A secret is always exciting and meeting a person secretly in the weekend is a real thrill.

Moreover, it is a secret love that the woman cherishes.

Unpredictable commitments attached in dating married woman

When dating a woman who is already married, one cannot expect any commitments. She is not at all free to get occupied emotionally with another person and she also does not suppose that the man gets emotionally attached to her. At least that's the theory at the start, but human emotions are fickle and can't be predicted. Often one side wants to stick to the original plan while the other wants to change the rules. This causes a lot of stress and can break out either the relationship or the marriage.

Risky relation

Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that dating married woman can also shatter families. If the husband comes to know about the relation, then the married woman’s life is in shambles. Moreover, it can also bring in tremors in your family. No one is going to consider or give due respect to such a relation with a woman already married.

When dating married woman, men are safer on the side of money. Dating a woman already married is not at all expensive as these women will not love to be seen in public places like hotels, theatres or shopping malls. There is also no need to buy gifts for a married woman as it can be risky.

Though dating married woman are on an increase, it is better not to get involved in it as it only gives stress in life.

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