Dating: - Mistakes that Men Make

People can fall in love any time. However, it is normally felt that lovers fall apart at some point of time. Lovers can fall apart because of the minor mistakes one makes while dating. In most cases, dating fails as men are least concerned about certain things while making love.

While dating, you have to know all the aspirations of the lover. A lover should always be clever enough to deal his lover when dating or his love fails.

Addressing women

A lover has to be very careful when addressing lovers. Women never love to be called in other ways except by her name. Never try to address them as babe or chick as most lovers consider it to be offensive.

Focus completely on the lover

An important thing a lover should consider while dating is that he ought not continuously eye on other women when taking the lover out to some restaurant or a nightclub. When gazing at other women, never be in the feeling that your lover will never notice it. Wherever you go, her eyes will be on you. The complete focus should be only on the lover or she may think you as a fraud and break up.

Never be aggressive for sex

Men are sometimes aggressive for sex. Some men have a wrong notion about women and sex. They assume women are eager for sexual activities from the first date itself. Never encompass such thoughts in your mind or you fail in your date. Never even talk of sex during your first dating periods. First and foremost, a woman has to be quite contented with you. A woman will only entertain sex only if she has confidence in you. Make the first bodily moves only after you do feel that she is somewhat prepared for it.

When talking look into her eyes

When talking to the lover, one has to look straight into her eyes. Let your looks not focus on her breasts when talking. Most women hate persons who always stare at their breasts and talk. If the lover goes on staring at the breasts, there are chances that the dating may break up. Eyes convey many things and the looks give out many meanings, which is quite romancing in dating.

Never interfere in her independence

Women love freedom and they just do not love interference in her independence. A lover should never get in the line of his lover’s freedom. When in an eatery, she would have her own eating habits and taste of foods and let not your taste hinder her independence. A woman has all freedom to shift to a new flat/home or to but a brand new vehicle and it is better to make opinions during these instances. If ever an opinion is sought, let it be on her side.

Be careful revealing negatives from the past

Another mistake that men generally make is that they disclose all about their past life to the lover very early in the relationship. Everyone has a past and there is usually pain in that past. Never reveal the negative sides of your past life to your lover until she's had a chance to evaluate the positives in you. You can assume that she is doing the same and if it turns out that she can only dwell on the negatives move along. The lovers should only have positive thoughts about each other at the start.

No early gifts

It is quite common that men give away gifts to their love at early point of their dating. Though women love gifts, do not let her thinking that you desire her too much by presenting gifts so early. The gifts should be given only after you know her completely and after she understands you better.